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Monday, November 15, 2010

Helping A Friend


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Friday, March 19, 2010

I miss you friend!

you will never know how much u need them,
until they are really gone.

They help u shine through life,
and we help them shine theirs too.

no matter where you are,
near or far,
you'll always be in my heart.

even if we are parted,
you'll still stays in my heart.

if you are gone for a long time,
and has no where else to go,
here in my heart you will always belong to.

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

So Much To Post!

Bukit Cahaya with 2A4
Date : 19/2/2010

Last time we went but it was raining. This time we sucessfully carried out activities and it was totally enjoyable.
Reliving Melacca!

CNY Road Trip
Date : 20/2/2010

My class U6B had an road trip during CNY and it was fun visiting teacher's houses not to mention the 'lou sang', angpaus and the big feast at Pn.See's house.
Pn Tan!
Mdm Ho
Pn Wong
Pn See
I Love U6B

Morning Walk
Date : 6/3/2010

Wen Jie's b'day and we all had a healthy morning walk at Mount Kiara recomended by Leon. We stay healthy and had fun!
Eagle pose
Rawr Rawr!
Random Poses
Wee~ Jumpie~
On Top of the World!

LKT 3 days 2 nights Camp
Date : 12/3/2010

One word!! AWESOME!!! This camp is indescribable with merely words~~Really enjoyed it thoroughly! Kinda wished to stay longer!! haha XD
Longest Line
Over the line!
Amazing Race
Pink Group! Mad Cow!Mad Cow Second!

Bukit Cahaya with U6B
Date : 17/3/2010

Last class trip until STPM is over. Hope everyone enjoyed it!!!
U6B With Bicycles
We are the paddy Farmers!
Enjoying the lake view
Rest with popsicles
Four Season House

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Farewell & Gathering

Astin's 19
Venue : Lookout Point Ampang
A Celebration for Astin's 19th Birthday!! Lookout point is Awesome. Happy birthday Astin!
Calvin & Me!
Astin joins us!
Bailey's = Love
nice view huh?
Group pic

U6B Naughties!
Venue : Kenny Rogers, MV
Its a jolly celebration for the febuaries babies of U6B!! Nice lunch!!
Look at the food!! O.O
Da burfday gurlz!
Dont cha juz love em!
Group pic!

Jia Er's Farewell
Venue : Sunway Pyramid
The noob is leaving, so we gotta let him go!! nah! Juz joking. Shall miss him!!
Cant see, Cant talk, Cant hear
Lost in da jungle
Heads on da table!
Group pic

Welcome back Carmen
Venue : Sunway Pyramid
Carmen is finally back from Japan, Ohayo Carmen! Lotsa fun and Lotsa souveniors!! Yippy!!
Creative !
Mini cooper!
We are family!
Top Models!

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Monday, February 8, 2010


A poem by CJ

Many in this world,
prayed for a miracle,
but what they get,
was nothing more than sorrow.

These years passed,
And I never really known,
how important it can be,
simply by just having you.

Tear had flown,
smiles faded,
and now I am,
all left alone.

Spinning and turning,
in this world,
of cruel reality,
had really suffocated me.

Now with you gone,
my soul struggle to flicker,
lighten the dark path with dim light,
through obstacles I tumble and fall.

But would I really say,
that I have lost,
to what which had decided,
or am I juz merely giving up?

With all she left in this world,
changes us all,
in various ways we would not expect,
consider a lost?

A wilted rose,
it seems gone,
but another spring,
it shall blossom again.

I used to think,
a person wouldn't make a change,
now I know I am wrong,
because it really is not the same.

A lost may be a better gain,
She's gone but her love remained,
to teach us how to appreciate,
not only by words,
but action too as well.

Show your care and your love,
as long as you can,
because life's a thin sheet of paper,
it can just shatter like that.

Treasure every moment,
even the tinniest,
because you may not know what you'll get,
from these fragments of joy.

Even if you're gone,
I'm not sad,
because I've known,
I loved you with all I had!

This poem is dedicated to a friend and her late mother. God bless them!
Life is unexpected, Appreciate all you have.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

L6B Last Party

This shall be our L6B last party because we are upgrading to U6B!!! This is also a farewell for our beloved Chong Pui Yee! She is leaving to Segi! Well, we wish her luck and hope she do well there!
We have been friends for around 6 months and are getting stronger! I hope U6B is going to be more interesting!
Start da Fire!
Name written cups!
Is he trying to cook himself? Fish n chip?
Jowynia juz loves Hot Dogs!
Hot dog smile!
Mouth-watering BBQ wings
Me, Yee & Yi!
Notice : Hui yee din follow colour code!
2 Leng luis
Pn. See having fun with da fishes!
Gaga is more fierce Tiger!!!
Model with jowynia!
Bond! James Bond? or VSEPR? hahah
主角 : Chong Pui Yee
Santa of the day!
The most epic gift exchange!
Pui yee & 2 B'day girls!
Bye L6B, Hello U6B!

P/S : Loves to ya all!!

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